Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update at Work

The Amazements' Show at Pehrspace last night was almost certainly the most violent show I've ever witnessed from them, moreso than the Spaceland show where Elon ripped out his (tuned) bass strings with his bare hands, moreso than the last Perhspace show where Liam and Elon destroyed the drumkit, thus knocking the band's 40 onto an outlet, and electrocuting Brendan, moreso than the one at that place in the valley where me and some of the fan klub had a vicious pillow fight while the band played on.

Rather, last night the band was on the point of musical frenzy. Faced with a 10-minute time limit and a midnight slot right before local celebrities HEALTH and initially fighting the low body-count within the venue (this was probably the highest attendance rate I've seen at Pehr ever, but it keeps ballooning there week after week regardless), the band played as if they were in a fucking war zone. Starting off with an initially unintelligible (in a good way), very noisy version of new song "In the Time of Shakespeare" it was obvious that there was a great deal of pent-up energy that the group hadn't released earlier in the day on their (quite good, but restrained) reverby KXLU session. During recent regular Isley Brothers cover "Testify" neither the moshers (real moshers this time) nor guitarist Brendan could restrain themselves, resulting in the collision of his pink Fender Stratocaster with a few concertgoers' torsos, not to mention this reporter being knocked about as I tried to tape the band on my MiniDisc recorder. Ending with an appropriately desperate "Head on A Stick" (what else?) this set would count among the band's best. If I get the go-ahead, I will put up mp3s from the set which sound not unlike side 2 of White Light/White Heat.

In other news, apparently Olivia Tremor Control didn't break up.

More on new music I've acquired/bought/thought about later.


Connie said...

and the haunting beatles insert

JPL said...

actually, no. that is part of the original isley brothers song - and the boys told me the beatles probably ripped it off

Amazements1 said...

Fuck, I was there dude. Nearly got knocked in the face by a guitar by that crazy guitarist, fuck would've gotten madder had I not realized that The Amazements are probably the greatest band in this country right now and to even be near these three men of such magnitude and cultural significance kinda', uh makes me skweeg my pantie lines alittle. Nah' dude, I don't wear panities, but if the fuckin' Amazements wanted me to I would, they make me feel no sense of shame or pride when I'm around them, like I could just hang myself by my penis at Thanksgiving in front of mom and pops or some such shit, and if The Amazements said that was good dude, Ima' doozy.
I fuckin' met the bass player/singer or sum such shit to at the show. fuckin' collosal that was. aLOT of people were scopin' the premice but we fuckin got round to talkin' and I felt I was just honoured and initially the feeling that I was a total douche bag lamo not even worthy of being around any fuckin' Amazement, slowly dissapated as I told him and told drummer dude and guitar hero master, as they came by on the scene(which was pretty much utopia for me, I thought my sorry balls would just be lucky to talk to one but here I am with the whole fuckin' group around me, just acting fuckin' humble and shit, but I know in my head that their the fucking shit, the crem de la crem, the ultimate, the omega, and hear they are playin' it cool treating me as an equal, such fuckin' nice guys to boot) any way i was saying that I want to have a band, nah actually I have a band, we kinda suck compared to The Amazements, No we especially suck compared to The Amazements and Basssinger dude just tells me to keep at your dream" and I'm like whoah dude, and then if that's not enough we exchange contact information and their willing to give my stuff a listen (heart beating faster now, about to cream pants) ....Fuck but the conversation soon had to end since they had other obligations, but I will never forget that night...
Thanks so much Amazements for putting meaning into my banal existence which has nearly lead me to ultimate self destruction. Now I've got a meaning, no real meaning, a means to an end make them pay while your beautiful or some such shit (and The Amazements are handsome men, had to restrain my girl from wanting to get it on, hot and heavy, with I wont say who)

The Amazements Rock!