Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Reminder: Trapezing Artifacts or Polymorphous Hypocritical Empire of Lust

I was driving to work and slipped Crying Your Knife Away, a GBV bootleg dating from around 1994 (read: between Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes) on the old iPod - was surprised I still had the files on something. What a pick-me-up that thing is. Drunken middle-aged men at their best, featuring choice line such as

"(in an affected British accent) I can't find me setlist"
"I'm fucked up, so if I fuck this up, fuck it."
"(to someone offstage) Hey Bela, man, I saw you get kicked out of the Newport the other day. That SUCKED. That was BULLSHIT."
Plus the album is named after a missung line in "If We Wait" - "Oh, now I've bored you, crying my life away"

The good vibes given off by Pollard & co - who at the time were on top of the (indie) world and just starting to play out more as a powerful, alcohol-fueled five piece rock juggernaut - are infectious, even fourteen years and several beers removed from the original. Pollard's voice gives out well before the encore but it's definitely the strongest live GBV I've heard on record. (Well worth checking out is the reverb-drenched radio set they did with Girls Against Boys) If you like GBV, this set will be talking your language.

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