Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lexicon Revisited

In about 2002, a book called Lexicon Devil came out about the Germs. You should buy it, it rocks. I've read it about three times. Forgoing the usual one-sidedness that a straight portrayal would have risked, the book is simply a compilation of various interview strands from the band and almost everyone around them - a mosaic folktale.

In 2006, a movie called What We Do Is Secret was finished. I saw it last night. I'll sum it up for you:

"Hi Darby, I'm Claude Bessy. I'm funny if you saw the real me in Decline of Western Civilization. I'll serve as the quirky, French-accented comic relief in this movie."
"Hi Darby, I'm Pat Smear. I'll do anything you say and I think you're a genius, even if it makes me sad when you abuse hard drugs."
"Hi Darby, I'm Lorna Doom. Even though you're gay, I'm secretly in love with you, because I'm played by Bijou Phillips."
"Hi Darby, I'm Don Bolles. I drove all the way from Arizona to join your band a year earlier than I actually joined the band. I'm the band spaz."
"Hi Darby, I'm Chris Ashford and I'm going to manage your band. I'm also your other manager Nicole Panter, since apparently she didn't agree to be portrayed in this movie, or no one wanted her in it."
"Hi Darby, I'm Rob Henley. I'm a composite of all your male lovers/love interests with a Yoko Ono edge: I ruin your band, because apparently you wouldn't dare do that by yourself (even though you did)."
"Hi Darby, I'm Rodney Bingenheimer of Rodney on the ROQ fame. I'm only funny if you've ever heard my show."
"Hi Darby, I'm Bob Biggs. I don't initially want to put out your album, but after I do, I'll say it's the best thing I've ever done."
"Hi Darby, I'm the mysterious mohawked woman that shoots you up for the first time."
"Hi Darby, I'm Amber, an overweight Jewish sugar-mama. I'll buy all the drugs and food you want and later, I'll be the evil, 'more professional' manager every band movie needs."
"Hi Darby, I'm Penelope Spheeris. I want to make a movie with your band in it."
"Hi Darby, I'm Casey Cola. I share your apparently spontaneous desire to commit suicide, too. Let's do it!"

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