Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Pedophile Songs

Liking 'em young and rock and roll go hand-in-hand. Just look at Jimmy Page (check the B-Boys lyric from "The New Style" - "If I played guitar I'd be Jimmy Page/The girlies I like are underage/Shh, check it"), Rob Halford ("Breaking the Law" indeed), Jerry Lee Lewis (I shouldn't have to tell you). But it takes real talent to sing about it and get people to sing along. So here's the shortlist:

"Does Your Mother Know" - ABBA
"Little Girls" - Oingo Boingo
"Hey! Little Child" - Alex Chilton
"Where Have All The Children Gone?" - Retarded Muppit Farm
"Little Hands" - Skip Spence
"Je Suis Un Rock Star" - Bill Wyman

Comment your favorites.


Emily said...

Another one, maybe not of note, but another one is that Devendra Banhart one that goes...
"I've seen so many, so many, little boys I want to marry..."

Madypants said...
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