Saturday, November 29, 2008

Regarding: prolific artists

There's a problem in creative societies in that those that are truly prolific and have too many ideas end up creating work that is doomed before it's out of the box in terms of public reception. Example: The Fall, Robert Pollard/GBV, Jay Reatard, etc.

It still seems that in critical consideration of the aforementioned (and many other artists, for that matter) artists' work, the prevailing attitude is "here comes another one." Fuck you. You should treat everything on its own terms to some degree, otherwise creation is futile. Did they write "here's the new one" about Mingus? No, because motherfucker was expected to bust out a couple albums a year at least. Example: I bought Pollard's new band, Boston Spaceships' new album. It's fucking great and has some of the best songs he's ever written on it because he's just as good as ever. Yeah, here's the new one. Thank God. I hear he's got the next two BS albums lined up already: bring 'em on.

If there's a big problem with that, just go listen to The Beatles and Radiohead indefinitely, and forever cherish your mediocrity.

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